Agreeing with the testimonies of the first Christians and the holy Scriptures which shape every believer’s theology and practice of faith, and learning from numerous generations gone before us, The Church on the Hill recognize the following beliefs as central to our shared theology and practice of faith…

The Gospel

We believe every human being falls short of righteousness and is therefore separated from our holy and perfect God. Anticipating this separation, the Father sent his Son as the promised Messiah. Jesus Christ fully identified with the human struggle, and sacrificed his life to atone for our sin and selfishness, and to restore our relationship with God. We believe Jesus died on a Roman cross, was laid in a tomb, and was bodily resurrected by God’s power as an eternal sign of redemption. We believe this good news (or “gospel”) is available to all who place their trust in God’s great mercy.

The Trinity

We believe God transcends all human experience, yet out of his love for creation also chooses to intimately involve himself within it. We believe this omniscient, all-powerful God continually reveals himself to his creation in three distinct and equal “persons”: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom

We believe in addition to giving his life for our salvation, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, taught that those who receive forgiveness become citizens of his kingdom – a people defined by peace, kindness, and generosity. Pledging allegiance to this kingdom over all other worldly affiliations, every follower of Jesus is responsible for cultivating kingdom principles in their homes, communities, and throughout the world.

The Scriptures

God expresses his purpose for humanity through the stories and traditions of ages past. At different points in history, faithful believers were guided by the Holy Spirit to compose particular books testifying to God’s plan, his justice, and his kingdom. These inspired writings were later compiled into what we call the Bible. In seeking to live the will of God, we reverently trust in the authority of these holy Scriptures.

The Church

We believe that after his resurrection Jesus commissioned his followers to unite in fellowship and mission – to celebrate the new life made possible through God’s grace, and bear witness, in both word and action, to the gospel. This unity of fellowship and mission is what we call the Church. Our congregation of believers, The Church on the Hill, is but a small segment of this vast tradition of faith and obedience.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

We believe a local church congregation must recognize God’s desire to reconcile the world to himself, and that we are entrusted to be his “hands and feet” (1 Cor. 12:27) in this ministry of reconciliation. In everything we do, from worship to Bible study to community outreach to caring for families, we endeavor to connect people to the abiding hope of reconciliation with God and with one another.

The Spiritual Formation of God’s People

We believe those who have received the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ are called to submit to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in their lives – to learn and grow in the faith daily, and to serve generously and sacrificially, that the kingdom of God will be revealed in all that we say and do.

The Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ promised his followers that he would one day return to judge the inhabitants of this world and to fully consummate his kingdom, uniting heaven and earth and dwelling with the creation he loves. We believe that while no one knows the day of his appearing, we are called to live in faithful obedience to the Lord as though his arrival is imminent.